Symas OpenLDAP 2.6
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Symas OpenLDAP 2.6 Source

Source packages from the repository

Symas OpenLDAP 2.6 provides source RPMs and debs for all components as well as access to the repositories from which the packages are built.
Yum/DNF based systems: OpenLDAP 2.6 source RPMS
yumdownloader can be used to obtain the source RPMs from the repository server

Deb based systems: OpenLDAP 2.6 source debs
The apt-get source command can be used to obtain these from the repository.
This requires uncommenting the deb-src line from the source list file.

Source code from git

The source code repository for all packages pertaining to Symas OpenLDAP 2.6
All packages are built using the git-buildpackage utility

Need help? Email: support@symas.com